Summer v. The Lady Garden

I was thinking about the turmoil that leads us into the summer months:
😩the dread of getting ready for bathing suit season
🧐the hunt for that perfect suit that can hide, suck in, show off, not leave insanely horrible tan lines, and allows for summer fun without constantly having to tuck the girls back in
😳the coverup so that we can ascend towards the water with as much grace and slimming as possible
😆and the stress of all of this until you hit that moment of the summer where you just DGAF anymore

However one thing that we really don’t talk about is our LADY GARDEN and how the summer can make our Down There Queen miserable!

That’s right friends.. The summer can be our Vaginas biggest enemy.

We’re talking yeast infections, odor and UTI’s.

Yeast just loves dark moist 😱spaces and with this heat, humidity, and clothing, we created the perfect environment for our good yeast to be overrun leading to many uncomfortable days.

You heard me! Our vulvas need to breathe. Things such as damp bathing suits, Spanx (or any other type of magic garments), leggings, bicycle shorts all lead to a loss of air. They help keep the summer heat between our legs which is a perfect environment for yeast to flourish

As much as we love our vagina to have a pleasant fragrance, let it be it’s own natural essence. Fragrance and perfumed washes, shaving creams, lotions and body sprays throw our natural PH off the charts making us more susceptible to infections and irritation

As much as yeast loves dark moist environments, it just as much loves sugar! Just think about all those amazing summer 🍹 cocktails we consume! They are off the charts in sugar. Basically, it’s just helping to fuel the growth of the yeast.

Have you heard of vaginal chafing? What is summer without flowy sun 👗 dresses and skirts? Well with all the heat and rubbing, you can absolutely experience vaginal chafing and this one definitely does not help with swelling and discomfort

Hello to waxing and shaving 👋 but the removal of unwanted hair can come with a host of irritations making the skin prone to more problems

Don’t fret, all fun is not lost! The more you know, the more you can protect!

+Let’s start with cleansing. This is our first line of defense when it comes to Vaginal Health.
Here’s the deets:
🍒 a 4.0 pH helps restore our vulvas natural climate.
🍒 combats unwanted odor, itchiness and discomfort with probiotic derived bioactives
🍒cosmetic grade Rose Quartz provides super gentle exfoliation to prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps and blemishes before they start
🍒attacks residue from daily activities (think sweat, humidity, periods, sex, etc)

+Toner for our vulva is just as important as a facial toner!
If you participate in hair removal, meet your new bestie!! This power player packs a big soothing hug!
🤗 removes dead surface skin cells and digs deeper into hair follicles to kill bad bacteria
🤗targets ingrown hairs and razor bumps as well as blemishes and large pores. Tip: having a hormonal break out around your mouth 👄? Saturate a cotton round with Glow Refiner and apply to the mouth area.
🤗Niacinamide helps fade visible dark skin and spots
🤗softens rough skin, boosts hydration and stimulates collagen production

+Just like our bodies need lotion and moisturizer, our lady parts do too! The problem is, most moisturizers and creams aren’t quite suited for our intimate parts and can do more harm than good.
💧targets ingrown hairs and razor bumps without drying out the skin
💧helps condition dry or thinning skin due to hormonal changes or chronic grooming
💧calms itchy, uncomfortable, sensitive skin
💧helps to eradicate unwanted bacteria

Just consider this the “eye cream” for your vagina.
💖Hemp CBD helps moisturize delicate skin and alleviate inflammation and pain. Use this when PMSing or menstruating, postpartum, or menopausal
💖Tea Tree, mother nature’s anti-fungal and antiseptic (helps keep away those UTI’s and yeast infections)
💖Damiana is known for its aphrodisiac properties; helps to increase sexual arousal and stamina, increase frequency of orgasms and reduces vaginal dryness

As you can see, we got your garden covered! There are products for your body, your face, and your hair; make sure you share the love with your most intimate parts. Have questions, no need to ponder alone… send us a message! We can help!

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