Premium Cotton + Bamboo Terry Facial Rounds + Mesh Washing Bag


Re-usable organic bamboo cleansing pads.  Simply put used ones back in pouch and toss in washing machine.

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One more element to bring the spa to your home!  These amazing  Bamboo cleansing pads feature:

+6 re-usable cleansing pads & a washing pouch

+chemical and fragrance free recycled bamboo

+finger pocket in each pad to allow for ergonomic cleansing

+a super soft touch that all skin types will enjoy free 

+lint free making these safe for use after any facial treatment and for people with lash extensions

Directions: Simply wet cleansing pad, apply soap, and gently wipe away the days impurities.  Place used cleansing pads in the pouch and toss in the washing machine.

Refrain from using any fabric softener as this will build up on the bamboo and block water absorption when using for cleansing.


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Reusable Bamboo Cotton Terry Facial Rounds with Finger Pockets

Premium Cotton + Bamboo Terry Facial Rounds + Mesh Washing Bag


In stock