Tonik – Refill 12 Oz


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Cult+King Tonik  Refill 12oz  Refill Tonik Two Times

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Welcome to the new TONIK Refill. Twice as much TONIK so you can refill your bottle two times. Now in a distinct, durable and infinitely-recyclable aluminum bottle. 12 fl oz. (354 ml). Save the planet, and save 25% per ounce versus buying a new bottle.

Manufacturer: Alkhemy LLC Brand: CULT+KING


What is the shelf life for a TONIK Refill? It is best to be used within one year. Our essential oil fragrance can oxidize and start to break down. The product after a year will still work just may start to smell a bit different and not have as much botanical punch.


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Tonik - Refill 12 Oz


Out of stock