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CULT+KING® TONIK Mini Spray-in Conditioner & Scalp Potion 0.9 fl. oz. Spray Pump Bottle For the first time ever, in a black mini bottle. A botanical masterpiece. Herbal synergies and organic ingredients combine to condition scalp, follicle, and hair like no synthetic chemicals can. This is our favorite product that we’ve ever made, and that’s saying something. Spray TONIK into damp hair and beard after washing and before styling. The tingle tells you it’s working.

Manufacturer: Alkhemy LLC Brand: CULT+KING

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CULT+KING® TONIK Mini Spray-in, Light-Hold Conditioner & Scalp Potion 1 fl. oz. Spray Pump Bottle

A botanical masterpiece.

Herbal synergies and organic ingredients combine to condition scalp and hair like no synthetic chemicals can. This is our favorite product that we’ve ever made, and that’s saying something.

Spray TONIK into hair and beard after you get out of the shower, and let it work all day. TONIK soaks into scalp, skin and hair follicles with 20 natural, organic botanicals and essential oils for refreshed, rejuvenated, healthy scalp, hair and beard. Including saw palmetto, green tea, plus salicylic acid for deep cleaning.

How to Use Shake before using to distribute botanicals. Spray in damp, clean hair out of the shower. Rub into scalp for maximum effect. Use within six months for best results.

BUY TONIK REFILLS FOR A CLEANER PLANET: The reason we made TONIK so beautiful is so you can refill it endlessly. When you’ve used all your TONIK, put the empty black bottle in your dishwasher to get it throughly clean, and refill it with a minimally packaged TONIK REFILL

No artificial color. No artificial scent. No parabens or formaldehyde-based chemical preservatives. No animal testing. Vegan. Gluten-free. Cruelty-free.

It’s 6-in-1 TONIK Hair conditioner, beard conditioner. scalp tonic. light-hold styling product. cutting lotion, and pH balancer (4.5) that resets hair and skin to a natural state.

It’s Cross Gender Great for all types of scalp issues, thinning and fine hair. For those with courser texture hair, TONIK should be supplemented with a rinse-out conditioner.

It’s Cutting Lotion When using as a cutting

lotion, apply only once. This is a conditioner and can overwhelm hair with oils.

TONIK+BALM Combo BALM is moisture activated.

For line-ups and neck shaves, spray TONIK on skin first to activate.

It’s Dandruff / DHT Control An effective natural scalp exfoliant that removes dirt, toxins and dht from the pores. dht is a naturally occurring testosterone in men’s and women’s bodies that is linked to hair thinning and hair loss.

It’s for the Minimalist We added a light hold to TONIK for those who are not fans of goopy products or wash ’n wear.

Ingredient Deck (most to least)

Organic Aloe Leaf Juice Instead of adding water as the cheap filler most products use as a base ingredient, we start with Organic Aloe Leaf Juice. That’s why CULT+KING products are so concentrated that you can use less to achieve more. Aloe Leaf Juice soothes rash and sunburn, helps skin and scalp retain their natural moisture, and helps prevent acne.

CULT+KING’S SIGNATURE NATURAL PRESERVATIVE SYSTEM Certified Organic Blueberry Tincture A hydro-alcohol mixture prepared with certified organic blueberries infused into certified organic cane sugar alcohol to extract the widest spectrum of plants’ phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Our hydro-alcohol neither dries not moisturizes, but is a perfect delivery system for our balanced, moisturizing and humectant ingredients, in addition to helping ingredients to penetrate the skin. Most importantly, our signature natural, organic tincture preservative system is paraben and formaldehyde-free.

Salicylic Acid An oil-soluable, beta-hydroxy acid and natural scalp exfoliant that penetrates into the pores of the scalp to loosen, dissolve and deep clean dirt, toxins and DHT (dihydrotestorsterone, a contributor to thinning hair) for best delivery of rejuvenating botanical ingredients. Also speeds up cell turnover to aid in conditions such as dandruff.

Witch Hazel Distillate A topical astringent and anti-inflammatory that helps reduce irritation of the hair follicle that can inhibit hair growth. Also anti-itch for those with itchy scalps.

Organic Glycerin Our plant-based, non-synthetic glycerin is a humectant drawing moisture into the hair and scalp.

Menthol Crystals Turns on the cold receptors in the skin for more blood flow benefitting hair follicle and scalp.

TONIK’S Powerhouse of 20 Organic Botanicals and Essential Oils With overlapping benefits and synergies for hair and scalp from anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, hair growth promoters, anti-microbials, anti-fungals (dandruff), anti-carcinogens, and packed with vitamins, phytochemicals, flavonoids, amino acids and fatty acids.

Plant Extracts

Organic Holy Basil

Organic Burdock Root

Organic Horsetail

Organic Slippery Elm Bark

Organic White Willow Bark

Organic Gotu Kola

Organic Arnica Flower

Organic Yarrow Flower

Organic Lavender Flower

Organic Witch Hazel

Organic Skull Cap

Organic Saw Palmetto Berry

Organic Comfrey Leaf

Organic Green Tea Leaf

Organic White Tea Leaf

Organic Oregano Leaf

Essential Oils

Organic Lavender Flower

Atlas Cedarwood

Clove Leaf

Tea Tree Leaf

Plus Tiny Amounts of Plant-Derived Ingredients for Emulsion, Light Hold & Stability, all Rated 1 by EWG (Environmental Working Group)

Caprylic Acid a plant-derived moisturing emollient

Polyglycerl 4 Caprylate a plant-derived emulsifier

Decyl Glucoside a plant-derived emulsion stabilizer

Sodium Lauroyl Glutomate plant-derived anti-static properties

Diglycerin a plant-derived humectant

Xanthan Gum plant-derived viscosity

Frequently Asked Questions About TONIK

Q: What is the percentage of salicylic acid in TONIK?

A: Individuals batches and bottles average 1.25%.

Q: Alcohol is one of the first three ingredients listed in TONIK. Will alcohol dry out your hair, skin and scalp?

A: There are many types of alcohol. Some are made from petrochemicals (isopropyl), and some are made from coconuts (cetyl). Some are very drying, and some are amazing moisturizers. The alcohol used in TONIK is ethyl alcohol, or more specifically it is organic sugar cane alcohol; it does not dry and it does not moisturize. It actually makes the skin more permeable which is great with our products but bad news if it’s in something with bad ingredients. The main reason we use it in a lot of our products is that when we started, we had to go “pre-synthetic chemical,” seeking out Old World preservative systems. Alcohol has been used for centuries as a preservative but we step it up and make it a tincture. Take BALM and TONIK for instance, both made with an organic blueberry tincture. Tinctures are like a super tea, actually 1,000 time stronger than regular tea with water. So the Tincture in BALM and TONIK preserves the product and when you use it on your skin it delivers a massive dose of organic anti-oxidants. Ethyl alcohol is rated a 2 on EWG, and if we are being honest, the reason it is higher than a 0 is because it’s not good for you if you drink it. We don’t suggest anyone drink our products. According to our TONIK lab reports, alcohol constitutes less than 5% by volume.

Q: Can I use TONIK on my face?

A: We do not recommend TONIK on your face at full strength, especially your lips and eyelids. To try it on your face, we would cut TONIK with water by one-half, avoid eyes and lips, and do a small patch test.


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Tonik - Mini


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