• $20.00

    2 ounce recyclable glass jar

    (All skin types, especially sensitive + dry)

    + A beautiful facial mask created with sensitive & dry skin in mind. Pink clay is the gentlest of all the clays, as it ADDS moisture into the skin, rather than absorbing the skin’s excess moisture and oil. This pretty clay provides nourishing minerals, such as silica to restore and replenish the complexion, while helping to soothe and balance skin that is irritated and has inflammation. It’s great for all skin types, as it minimizes breakouts and promotes healthy cell renewal. Organic rosehip floral powder contains a high level of vitamin C, and chamomile floral powder is very healing and soothing. The word “bloom” refers to having a healthy complexion. Vegan friendly.

    Ideas for recycling containers: paper clips, rubber bands, earrings, spices, loose leaf tea, herbs.

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