• Charcoal Clarifying Body Cleanser

    Removes environmental impurities

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  • $30.00

    Clinical grade age-defying exfoliating mist removes impurities and dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin while treating and preventing blemishes and bumps.

    It also allows for a deeper penetration of active ingredients in serums and lotions. Active ingredients hyaluronic acid works as a magnet for moisture, while allantoin soothes and calms. Gentle enough to be used from head to toe!

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  • $20.00

    2 ounce recyclable glass jar

    (All skin types, especially oily and acne-prone)

    + Designed to deeply absorb toxins, cleanse, exfoliate, and soothe the delicate skin. Just add a bit of water to activate into a luxe and creamy mask. Vegan friendly.

    + Activated charcoal has been used for hundreds of years to absorb dirt, grime, and any other impurities in the skin. Oat flour cleanses and gently exfoliates, while organic coconut milk powder moisturizes and soothes, also smelling divine. Peppermint oil nourishes dull skin and improves texture. It’s also very uplifting and refreshing.

    Ideas for recycling containers: paper clips, rubber bands, loose leaf tea, spices, herbs.

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  • $32.00

    These Esthemax™ Hydrojelly Masks are the perfect addition to your daily or weekend routine!

    Perfect for an at-home spa day or girls weekend!

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  • $28.00

    Clear and Calm

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  • $35.00

    CULT+KING™ WASH REFILL Three 4 oz. bars. You heard right. Three. Our Hair-Shampoo-Bar, Face-Wash, and Body-Bar-in-One is highly addictive. Your skin loves it. Your hair loves it. Your nose loves it. And best of all your heart loves it. And since you’re all in, let us just say that there’s no better follow-up for hair and beard than TONIK, which takes your pH right back to the sweet spot. Enjoy. (And remember, not recommended for color-treated hair, but don’t let that stop you from using it everywhere else.)

    Manufacturer: Alkhemy LLC Brand: CULT+KING

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